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Confidence Coaching Programs

Every person needs a little confidence boost. Professionally, socially and at different stages of one’s life.

Michele has crafted a unique way of coaching her clients to success due to her many years as a business owner, mentor and acting instructor. She can help you not only build your confidence personally for your business, but she’ll also look at other aspects of your business such as your social media and promotion ideas.

 Each program is:

 • $400 (includes GST) person
 • Online or in person at Michele’s home/studio in White Rock
 • One to One
 • 4 weeks / once a week / 1.5 hr. each week
 • Includes videotaping for playback, handouts and e-booklets


“Your passion for the dramatic arts certainly helped us in a unique way!”
– Jacquelyn Johnston  M.Ed. RCRT, Certified Health Coach and Speaker

Confident Communication


Small Business Owners

This program is for business professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to speak more confidently to their associates and clients.

We’ll look at your body language, how you present yourself, your public speaking and your communication skills.

Plus we’ll look at your business’ social media and promotion ideas.

Even if you’ve been in business for many years, having a set of fresh eyes look at your approach is always an asset. 

“What a great session today Michele Partridge! Thank you for the interesting and effective tools you took us through!”                – SSWR Chamber of Commerce

Confident Communication

for You & Your Employees

Similar to the program for Small Business Owners, we’ll look at you and your employees’ body language, how you present yourself, your public speaking and your communication skills.

Plus we’ll do some team building exercises and create a plan together for the best ways to continue building your business.

We’ll also look at your social media and discuss promotional ideas. 

Confidence Building

for Public Speakers

Do you have an upcoming presentation and need some help with perfecting the delivery?

Do you have verbal habits like saying “Um” and you don’t know how to correct that?

How is your ‘elevator speech’? Do you have a clear and concise explanation of you and your business when someone asks you “What Do You Do”?

Michele will help you improve your speech habits and presentation skills.

You’ll feel more confident and ready for that next meeting or presentation. 

Thank you for helping me with my pitch, Michele!”                        – Amber Chow, Crossroads Career Consulting

Confident Career Moves

Starting a new career? What an exciting time for you!

Michele can help you with your presentation proficiency such as your interviewing readiness, your body language, your diction and overall communication skills.

Plus we’ll look at your social media and plan the best way to promote yourself and your skill set in your new career. 

“Thanks for the wonderful workshop!”                                             – Amber Chow, Crossroads Career Counselling

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