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It all starts with confidence. Without confidence, we are not at our best in any situation; school, employment, social situations and life in general. 

Michele can help you find or rediscover your ’Confidence Superpowers’. 

Michele offers a variety of confidence classes and workshops for different age ranges and situations. 

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Michele’s Online
Self-Taping Workshop


For Actors of All Ages and Parents of Young Actors

Learning how to do a self-tape is NOW part of the job of being an actor.

Instructor/Acting Coach Michele Partridge will cover important topics such as equipment needed, wardrobe, location, lighting, editing, slating and performance skills casting directors look for in self-tapes.

Plus each student will receive a comprehensive Self-Taping Tips e-book.

Michele has taught hundreds of actors over her 25+ years of teaching. Her actors book.

Sat. Nov. 28, 1 – 3pm
$40/person or family

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“Thanks very much for your zoom workshop Monday night regarding self-tapes. You distilled in 1.5 hours, what took me 3.5 years to learn!” – Sandra

“Thank you so much for your self-tape webinar.  It was very helpful and I like the way you teach.” – Maki

“I’ve attended today’s workshop and I loved your charisma a lot! Great session!” – Anastasia

“Michele is amazing – she pulls the magic right out of you.” – Gail

“Michele Partridge is a wonderful mentor. Very patient, kind and knowledgable. Any kids who are looking to move into the workforce or need a confidence boost would benefit from this class!”  – Erin, Teacher 

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