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Coaching & Self-Taping for Actors

“You have been a saviour for my clients lately and seriously helped get them to where I need them, you always squeeze them in last minute. Coaches like you are rare and I just want you to know, I’m very grateful!!” – Ally Copeland, Premiere Talent, Vancouver


For over 25 years, Michele has been helping business professionals and performing artists find their ‘superpowers’ and confidence in their public speaking and performing arts abilities. Her clients book.

Michele’s clients have been featured on films and television programs such as It2, Legends of Tomorrow, Deadpool, Arrow, Riverdale, The Twilight Zone, Flag Day, A Million Little Pieces, Turner and Hooch, tons of Hallmark movies and many, many more.

In-Person Self-Taping Session includes: 

Coaching, Being a Reader, Taping, Editing, Downloadable Link

$80/hr.  |  $40/30 min.  |  $20 /15 min.

Acting Coaching Sessions, In-Person or Online: 

$80 hr.


(4) 1-Hour Acting Coaching Sessions are $280 instead of $320


Acting Classes

Michele also teaches acting at various schools across the Lower Mainland including The Drama Class, LeBlanc School of Acting and Stenberg College. 

Have a look at their websites to see when her next classes are.


Thank you so much! And thank you again for helping me on this tape. So lucky to have you!

Emma Oliver
Snowpiercer, Sonic Hedgehog, The Magicians, Supernatural

“I love doing self – tapes with you. It’s always so much fun!”

Luke Roessler
Dead to Me – Seasons 1 & 2, Deadpool, It2, Riverdale, The Bad Seed

“You are amazing! Look what you’ve taught me in just a month!”

Gail Simpson
Several Commercials

“Thank you coach. Such a big help!”

Jim Ewens

“You give me so much confidence. I’m so glad I’m working with you!”

Natasha Richards

“Thank you so much for helping me book 2 big roles from self-tapes!”

Kasra Wong

“Thanks again, Michele. Big help!”

Cliff Howard

“I have been working with Michele for a while now and just love our classes together. Thank you for all your support!”

Benjamin Goas

The Babysitter’s Club, Debris

“I love your class. Thank you for all you do.”

Kendahl Seller

“Thank you! I’ve learned so much!”

Amanda Palay

“I want to thank my teacher Michele Partridge for your guidance and support! It means the world to me.”

Joe Reimer

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